Breakfast in Tuscany


Waking on my birthday to a cloudless Tuscan sky, the streets of Prato silent and empty in the cool of the morning (and no cafés open for a cappuccino and croissant), I wandered up the river seeking peace and beauty. A couple of miles on, I found my spot: away from the slowly waking town, shared only with egrets and a heron. I sat on a rock in the cool shade as the river gushed past me and the sun climbed slowly over verdant hills.

You spread a feast before me.

I am so blessed: from the wonder and joy of being with Lois – a second chance at life and love; the pride I take in Esther and Joe; the fulfilment I find in my work; the excitement of stepping out into pastures new.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me.

Back in Coventry an exciting new start awaits – yes, it feels uncertain, a step in the dark. And yet, I feel a sense of peace and wholeness; an ability to trust; and a conviction that the journey is the right one.

You lead me to restful waters.


(and yes, I did eventually get my coffee and croissant!)

Prato Bridge

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