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Father of the Bride to be…

A week from now it will all be over. My duties as the father of the bride discharged: my speech delivered, the bank transfers completed; my little Esther – whom I have watched grow and develop over all these years – no longer just my little girl, but a grown, married woman.       […]


On watching my children move away from home

  Last week, my daughter Esther cleared up everything in her room (well almost), packed it into her car, and left home to start her new life as a working and soon-to-be-married woman in Nottingham.     This week, while I am engaging with child protection specialists from around the world at the ISPCAN congress […]

Winter morning Nov 2015

An In-between time

Growing up to be a child is all about Jesus’ challenge to become like children. This challenge was linked to a purpose: to enter and live in God’s kingdom here and now. While I believe we can be part of God’s kingdom right now, it is also clear to me that this kingdom of heaven […]

Climbing wall


Becoming a child is a gift from God; it stems from God’s grace. The challenge for us is not to strive to obey all the rules, practice all the right disciplines, and so somehow convince God that we are really like children. Rather it is to respond to God’s invitation and accept God’s grace. In […]