BASPCAN: For Child Protection Professionals

Thinking creatively about safeguarding children

  Over the past few weeks I have been in a number of conversations which have highlighted the complexity of work around safeguarding children, the commitment of those professionals engaged in such work, and the huge impact of the work on children and families. I have been very aware of the challenges practitioners face in […]


In praise of social workers

  I was interviewed today by ITN news in the wake of the tragic death of 21 month old Ayeeshia Smith, and found myself getting really frustrated with yet another news reporter once more berating social services for not learning the lessons. ‘Why’, they ask, ‘after so many Serious Case Reviews, do social services keep […]

The voices young people hear

Hearing voices that other people don’t hear is just one possible response to traumatic or adverse life experiences, but it is one that can leave supporters feeling out of their depth. Once seen as the epitome of madness, it is now understood that voices are a meaningful experience that can often reflect the struggles which […]

You are teaching your daughter to swim

You are teaching your daughter to swim   in open waters though you don’t know the depth of the lake at its centre; who might have died there, whether the pike will scare her or bite her, if the current will pull her down.   At the level of water, the mountains are higher. The […]

Safeguarding children across the globe

Child maltreatment is a reality that affects children throughout the world – in all cultures and across all continents. How different countries respond to this varies. From countries adopting a strong and often punitive protection focus, to more supportive models of working in partnership with parents, through to areas where corruption, indifference or a lack […]