Go Simply: Meditations for Lent

Sandals croppedWe invite you to a simple journey of discovery. Over these seven weeks of Lent, spend time, together with some of those who journeyed with Jesus, listening to God. Each week explores a different aspect of simplicity, and focuses on someone, or some people who featured in Jesus’ life.



These meditations take the form of a simple liturgy for the week, with five meditations to help you be still in God’s presence: to pause; to listen; to be.


Click on the links below to go to each week’s meditation

Week One: Go simply in your belief – Thomas’ Journey


Week Two: Go simply with your possessions – Judas’ Journey


Week Three: Go simply with yourself – Mary Magdalene’s Journey


Week Four: Go simply in your lifestyle – With the Bethany Family, Mary, Martha and Lazarus


Week Five: Go simply within your culture – Nicodemus’ Journey


Week Six: Go simply in your vocation – With Mary, Jesus’ Mother


Week Seven: Go simply in your spirit – With Joanna and the women who accompanied Jesus


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