Go simply within your culture: Nicodemus’ journey


Pure hearts

Undivided loyalties

Wholehearted devotion

Integrity of culture and faith

These things I remember as I pour out my soul



Call to Prayer

Quieten down, far-flung ocean islands. Listen!

Sit down and rest, everyone.

Recover your strength. Gather around me.

Say what’s on your heart.

Together let’s decide what’s right.

(Isaiah 41.1 The Message)



Silence and stillness

As you sit quietly with a sacred word,

consent to Love’s presence and action within you.

Gently let go of feelings, images, thoughts,

and constantly return to your sacred word.


Psalm 42  (Click on the link to listen, or click here to read the Psalm)


For reflection (Click on the link below to access each day’s meditation):

Day 1: How can these things be? John 3

Day 2: Nicodemus silenced: John 7.45-52

Day 3: Comment: Enter the new country

Day 4: Integrating two worlds: John 19.38-42

Day 5: Nicodemus’ journey, my journey



Write a few notes in your journal arising from your reflection.


A prayer:

banksy-graffiti-street-art-baloon-girl_jpegWith great skill and energy we have ignored the state of the human heart.

With politics and economics we have denied the heart’s needs.

With eloquence, wit and reason we have belittled the heart’s wisdom.

With sophistication and style with science and technology,

we have drowned out the voice of the human soul.

The primitive voice, the innocent voice. The truth.

We cannot hear our heart’s truth, and thus

we have betrayed and belittled ourselves and pledged madness to our children.

With skill and pride we have made for ourselves an unhappy society.

God be with us.


Michael Leunig, A Common Prayer


Taizé chant: In the Lord I’ll be ever thankful (Click here to listen to the chant)



Closing prayer

May the strength of God the source of all Being,

the wisdom of God the eternal Word,

and the joy of God the Holy Spirit

abide with us always.




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