Growing up to be a child


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Growing Up to Be a Child: a paediatrician explores Jesus’ invitation to ‘become like a little child’

Peter Sidebotham, 2014

In one of the most extraordinary statements of all time, Jesus, taking a little child, told his disciples, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

  • What on earth did Jesus mean?
  • What is it about children that they, above others, are able to enter the kingdom of heaven?
  • How can we become like little children and so enter that kingdom?

This book is my attempt to try and answer those questions. I invite you to enter into this wonderful journey of growing up to be a child.

One thought on “Growing up to be a child

  1. Hello Peter,
    I read the review of Growing Up To Be A Child in the Church Times and ordered it immediately: the title echoed a phrase I used when I went for ordination selection back in 2010, where my presentation had been based around the message of Mike Yaconelli’s Dangerous Wonder.
    Anyway, I’m coming to the end of my curacy in a very deprived area of North Manchester and your book has touched on so many of the issues that are close to my heart, so I just wanted to thank you for writing it.
    Thank you and bless you,

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