The personal nature of the book is a winner. It is generous and inclusive. A lovely book.

—Elaine Storkey,
President of Tear Fund

A beautiful and worthy book. Readers will find this a delight to read.

—Scott Bessenecker.
Associate Director of Missions, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

A beautiful account of a father’s love for his daughter, weaving the spiritual, personal and professional into a testimony of God’s abundant gift of life in all its fullness: moving and inspiring.

—Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead


The teaching of Jesus shapes who we are. But it’s just as true to say that who we are shapes what we make of the teaching of Jesus. Who Peter Sidebotham is — a loving parent and a paediatrician dealing daily with suffering children — has fashioned his understanding of what it means to be a child of God. Who he is, father and beloved physician, is his personal imprint on every page of what is, quibbles notwithstanding, an engaging and perceptive little book.

The Church Times

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This is a ‘must’ for all parents!  Peter Sidebotham, a widely respected paediatrician with expertise in child development, provides rich insight into the stages of early childhood that all parents will have experienced and probably been puzzled or exasperated by.
Triple Helix, Summer 2015
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So good I read it from cover to cover twice – something I cannot ever remember doing before. The personal letter like format and illustrations through which the wonderful concept of ‘becoming like a child’ came alive I found contrastingly profound and inspired but also simple and practical. A refreshingly easy read and excellent illustration of how becoming like a child will enable us to begin to understand these great spiritual truths – thank you”
– Dave Marshall, Dave Marshall Consultancy
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