How do I know who is talking in there?


I consider my random thoughts from God if they were:

  • Peaceful Clear
  • Consistent Kind
  • Loving Welcoming of scrutiny
  • Patient Comforting
  • Uplifting Instructive
  • Seldom needing to be responded to in a hurry



I put them down as coming from myself if they:

  • Were a logical processed outcome of things I had learned or deduced
  • Appealed to my ego
  • Varied all the time depending on the information I received
  • Would eventually make me look good in front of others



However, if the spontaneous thoughts were along these lines:

  • An accusation
  • Confusing
  • Promoted fear and panic
  • Rejected scrutiny
  • Produced guilt
  • Created anxiety and generally unsettled me
  • Were pushy or urgent, wanting to be done in a hurry –  a driving compulsion to do it  –  now,

Then I ascribed it to the spiritual realms but not the heavenly ones.


From Soul Survivor  (the guy who spent 40 days in the Tararuas ….Paul Hawker)

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