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New Internationalist: a movement for media that brings people together

In a time of ‘alternative facts’, biased journalism, presidential suppression of free speech, and a media dominated by multi-millionaires with their own agenda, this is a really exciting opportunity to support high quality, independent and ethical journalism. Please consider contributing to this crowd funding scheme and be part of something positive.

For the past 44 years, New Internationalist has published stories that make sense of the complex and beautiful world we live in and offer bold, bright ideas for how to change things.

Community share offer: an opportunity to be part of this

Unlike other media businesses that depend on billionaires or corporate advertisers, NI wants their honest, independent journalism to be owned by the people who share their values. They’ve always been reader-powered; now they want to be reader-owned.

They aim to raise a minimum of £500,000 (US$ 625,000) through the world’s biggest-ever media community share offer.

In this time of fake news and endless online chatter, it’s more important than ever to have the New Internationalist‘ —  Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor, Channel 4 News.


Anyone can invest, from anywhere in the world, as long as they are aged 16 or over. Each share costs £1 and the minimum share holding in £50, the maximum is £100,000. A small shareholder will have just as much power as a large one.

The share capital they raise will be used to increase their audience and impact, and secure their future long-term. It’ll be directed at five key business areas, and they’ll use it to: scale up their digital journalism, relaunch their magazine, boost their publishing arm and expand their Ethical Shop social enterprise and events programme. All offer opportunities to grow and are in line with our historic mission.


You can find out more and pledge to be part of it by clicking on the link below:

Buy into a better story