BASPCAN Congress call for abstracts extended

It has been very encouraging over the past few weeks to see some excellent abstracts coming in for the BASPCAN 2018 child protection congress. We have seen synopses of some truly engaging research, personal stories, workshops and discussion forums, all of which promise to bring something inspiring to the congress. Several people, however, have indicated […]

The Garib Rath Express to Lucknow

  We shared a dish of rajma and rice from one of the platform vendors as we stood waiting on platform nine for the Garib Rath Express. Who knows how many others we shared the platform with: young men and women on their mobile phones; colourful groups of women with their babies; old men blissfully […]

BASPCAN: For Child Protection Professionals

Thinking creatively about safeguarding children

  Over the past few weeks I have been in a number of conversations which have highlighted the complexity of work around safeguarding children, the commitment of those professionals engaged in such work, and the huge impact of the work on children and families. I have been very aware of the challenges practitioners face in […]