Reflecting on some unforced rhythms

A pilgrim paused

 I have recently reached an exciting milestone with my website/blog: overall, I have had over 5,000 views of the website, with a total of over 1,000 hits on my home page in the past year. My hope is that at least some of the resources I have put there, and the regular (or not-so-regular) blogs I post, are proving worthwhile and inspiring/challenging to at least some of my readers.

So, seeing that led me to wonder what it is that people are drawn to on this website, and what, indeed, leads anyone to read yet one more blog or webpage when bombarded with so many words and so much information all the time?

Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.

Ecclesiastes 12: 12


Most popular blogs

So, what have been the most popular blogs/pages? brexit

Two stand out by a long way:

On seeing my daughter in her wedding dress, with 252 views, and

Brexited, with 231 views.

Esther 1992






Top ten blogs/pages from the past year (well 11 – the last two had the same number of views):

On seeing my daughter in her wedding dress 252
Brexited 231
Pathways to harm, pathways to protection: a triennial review of Serious Case Reviews 147
Seeking peace, justice and wellbeing: why I believe we should stay in the EU 126
A Sacred Gaze : encountering Jesus through art 119
Fighting terror with terror: a letter to my MP 115
SIDS, restorative justice and big tobacco: why I’m feeling angry 114
Banksy on the mount I: The Beatitudes 101
Banksy on the Mount III: The Lord’s Prayer 100
Daily Meditations around the Advent Wreath 97
To a semi-circle 2: seeking joy 97


It’s interesting that this running list encompasses all four elements that I have tried to capture through the Unforced Rhythms website: some personal perspectives as an ordinary person trying to be a good father and husband, and not always getting it right; aspects of social justice and the sorrow I feel with so much of the darkness, violence and greed in our world, particularly the grief that I seemed to share with so many others over the outcome of the EU referendum; elements of my work in child protection and preventing child deaths; and some approaches to contemplative spirituality, particularly Lois’ meditations for Lent and Advent, and my melding of Banksy’s art with Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.


The 100 words featuring most frequently in my top blogs
The 100 words featuring most frequently in my top blogs


So, if you are one of those who have found Unforced Rhythms to be helpful, or enjoyed my gentle (or sometimes not so gentle) ramblings, thank you. I will continue to post blogs within all those themes as Lois and I continue to find our way as tentative pilgrims journeying together through life’s ups and downs; rejoicing in the blessings of family and friends, beauty, celebration and rest; and agonising over the injustices, violence and greed we see in our world, and in which we are so often (perhaps inadvertently) a part. And I will hope that, for some at least, these musings may offer some encouragement, hope, and a bit of fun.

If you would like to be informed of future blogs, please do click the link at the bottom of the page to receive email updates whenever a new post is made. And do please feel free to share Unforced Rhythms with others who you think might appreciate it, to comment on any of the blogs, or to feedback any ideas of ways I could improve the website, make it more useful.

‘For those of us who walk the path of contemplation, it is important to see that, while our individual stories are unique and personal, they are shared by us all. It is a relief to see that our own pain, struggle, loss, joy, and victory are woven into the much larger fabric of tall those who seek the face of God.’ – Martin Laird, A sunlit absence