Banksy on the mount

banksy graffiti

Now when he saw the crowds,

he went into the urban jungle

and began to paint…





I have long been a great fan of Banksy, the Bristol-based graffiti artist with an uncanny, perhaps ‘prophetic’ ability to express a yearning for a better world that isn’t driven by violence and greed…

It struck me that such a vision is also what Jesus was trying to express in his Sermon on the Mount: a manifesto for his ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ here on earth.

In this series of four reflections I have combined some of Banksy’s images with some of Jesus’ words, as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.

See what you think: pause and ponder; see our culture with fresh eyes; dare to dream and believe it could be different…


Banksy on the Mount I: The Beatitudes

Banksy on the Mount II: Being Salt and Light

Banksy on the Mount III: The Lord’s Prayer

Banksy on the Mount IV: Be the change you want to see in the world