Let Justice Roll


But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

– Amos 5:24




Justice seems so central to our world – to my life, my work, my spirituality.  Daily I come across the effects of injustice – in the violence, abuse, suffering and grief we hear on the news; in the impact on children I see in my clinics; in the millions of children worldwide who die unecessarily…

I long to see justice roll on, yet sometimes wonder what I can possibly do to help this.

So I want to do what little I can to promote the cause of justice and peace in our world.  If I can post the occasional blog, or provide links and pointers to others who are striving for justice, then maybe, just maybe, I can make a small difference.

So, if you have any resources or ideas, please post them here, and let’s together seek to add a few drops to the never-failing stream that the prophet Amos dreamt of.

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